Keltbray cycle safety

Keltbray has welcomed the 10,000th cyclist into one of its truck's cabs

Construction operator Keltbray is taking part in a milestone cycling safety event today (4 Sept) in London, where it will welcome the 10,000th cyclist into the cab of one of its lorries.

The monthly cycling awareness events, run under the banner of Exchanging Places, are conducted by the Transport for London-funded Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Force, and allow bike users to sit in the cab of an LGV to learn what a driver can and can’t see, highlighting vehicle blindspots.

Since the scheme’s launch in 2010, Keltbray has provided lorries for more than 60 cycle safety events in the capital.

Keltbray told it was one of the first operators to fit side proximity sensor cycle technology systems to its 228-strong fleet, and has this year fitted CCTV to all its vehicles.

The CCTV records data and provides the driver with live feeds from different angles, including the front, near-side cab and far-side cab reverse views onto a split-screen mounted in the cab.

Adrian Scott, Keltbray haulage operations director, said: "Keltbray’s drivers are trained to the highest standards when it comes to careful driving, and failure by them to comply with this philosophy will result in suspension or dismissal.

"However, it is important that everybody takes responsibility for their own safety on the road in order that we make it a safer place."