Hauliers have welcomed the Welsh Government decision to consider allowing HGVs to use bus lanes in limited circumstances.

Welsh economy and transport secretary Ken Skates will discuss the idea with highways and transport organisations over the next year and look at the feasibility of allowing HGVs to use bus lanes in certain areas in order to reduce congestion.

The review follows a recommendation by Welsh Traffic Commissioner Nick Jones, in his first report to the Welsh Assembly in September last year, to allow HGVs into bus lanes in certain circumstances where it would improve traffic flow.

In his report Jones argued that the strategy “is a recognition of the fact that HGVs are essential for the economy and the provision of services” and was preferable to HGVs being replaced by large numbers of “unregulated large vans.”

He also argued that modern trucks are “far less polluting” than a five year old family diesel car, adding: “I am not suggesting that HGVs should use all bus lanes, I merely point out that each case should be considered on its merits and that there might be occasions when allowing HGVs to use a bus lane will improve traffic flow.”

The FTA said it was "delighted to hear the Welsh Government is seriously considering this proposal".

A spokesman said: "Making better use of valuable road space by allowing trucks to use bus lanes not only eases congestion, but helps to keep delivery costs down and ensures food and other vital supplies arrive on time at our shops and homes, something that benefits everyone."

An RHA spokesman said the move could help cut congestion, adding: "Only last week during 'snowmageddon' we saw how quickly supermarket shelves emptied because trucks couldn't get through in time."

The Welsh Government will publish the review’s conclusions in 2019.