140723 - Haulier helps improve fellow operator safety with Durite telematics cameras 2

Avonmouth-based Gardner and Grandson has praised the telematics cameras it fitted to its fleet after they helped prove a driver was not at fault in an insurance claim.

The haulier said it had also been able to share footage with another firm after a lorry driver forced its own employee to brake harshly due to dangerous driving.

The company said it installed the Durite 4G cameras to its artics to help with delivery confirmations to customers, but soon found out they also helped in driving incidents too.

Deanna Morgan, transport manager at Gardner and Grandson, said: “In one incident, a truck was driving dangerously at a known accident hot spot, making our driver brake harshly to avoid a collision.

“Our driver immediately contacted us and we could quickly confirm what had happened thanks to the footage from the telematics camera.

“We were shocked that the other HGV driver would try something so risky. We could clearly see the truck’s livery so, because of the severity of the incident, we contacted the company and shared the footage with them.

“Road safety is the responsibility of every haulier, and we believe it’s important to inform our peers of incidents like this so they can take appropriate action.”

Craig Hucker, manager at the south west haulier, added: “The systems have proved their worth time and time again.

“We have been able to provide hard evidence of delivery times to clients on request, which helps us maintain good customer relations. We have also won an insurance claim where it was alleged our driver was at fault but the footage proved he was not.”