Gregory Group has partnered with Don-Bur to deliver new branded trailer curtains for its customer Thatchers Cider.

Once completed, the trailer fleet will help showcase the cider maker’s identity and raise awareness of the fermented apple beverage.

Gregory Group's branded trailers for Thatchers Cider

Gregory Group’s branded trailers for Thatchers Cider

Source: Don-Bur

Paul Jefferson, director at Gregory Group, said: “Our long-standing partnership with Don-Bur has always been about delivering for the end customer - in this instance, Thatchers Cider.

“When we are delivering their products across the UK, it is a perfect opportunity to promote their brand. Our business success is built on partnerships, so if there is an opportunity to add value, we will work with our customers to achieve exactly that.”

Richard Owens, marketing manager at Don-Bur added: “Our Sapphire division has a proven track record of successful trailer rebranding projects.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Gregory Group and Thatchers Cider on this venture, utilising our design and manufacturing expertise to create visually stunning and functionally superior trailers that truly represent the Thatchers Cider brand.”