The FTA has warned that a proposed low emission zone for Birmingham, along with a road user charging scheme, lorry restrictions and greater implementation of consolidation centres put forward by the city council, could have a damaging effect on freight deliveries in and around the city.

The plans, contained in a green paper on the city’s transport strategy for the next 20 years, were published earlier this month.

While none of the schemes are definite, the FTA suggested that they could add substantial costs to businesses in the city centre.

FTA policy manager for the Midlands Sally Gilson highlighted the plans for a low emission zone and road user charging as being detrimental to the freight sector.

“Encouraging modal shift from cars to public transport is a step in the right direction. However, I am concerned that plans for low emissions zones would cause substantial costs for industry,” she said.

“With regards to any possible city road charging, freight is an essential road movement and should be exempt,” Gilson added.