tevva 2021

Freight in the City’s next webinar on 14 July will explore the potential of hydrogen range-extenders to significantly boost the range of an electric delivery vehicle.

Increasing vehicle range and lengthening the time needed before recharging can make the business case and practicality of EVs far more compelling for fleet managers.

“Hydrogen may not make sense as a primary transport fuel, but as a range-extender technology, it is what can truly set the battery vehicle free,” said David Thackray, director at Tevva Electric Trucks.

Essex-based manufacturer Tevva builds medium-duty range-extended electric trucks from 7.5-tonne GVW, which are designed to replace traditional diesel counterparts on a like-for-like basis.

The use of hydrogen to power the Tevva ReX range-extender can be simple and cost-effective for operators, added Thackray, with the benefit of a fully zero-tailpipe-emission truck for use in urban areas.

“Using only small amounts  of hydrogen on an as-needed basis, keeps costs low, ensures the supply of green hydrogen is adequate and ensures only modest stores are needed at depot,” said Thackray. “This massively reduces the challenge and complexity around hydrogen storage.”

He added: “As a ReX fuel for back-to-base trucks, there is no need for a large ‘on-highway’ infrastructure. It can be bunkered at depot like any other fuel.”

Freight in the City’s webinar will also enable you to hear from the Department for Transport about how the government is supporting the UK’s rollout of hydrogen vehicles and infrastructure.

In addition, it will feature one of the world’s leading logistics experts on the challenges of decarbonising city deliveries.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Alan McKinnon, Professor of Logistics at Kuehne Logistics University
  • Bob Moran, Deputy Director, Head of Environment Strategy at Department for Transport
  • David Thackray, Director, Tevva Electric Trucks

Freight in the City’s ‘Hydrogen for Urban Distribution Vehicles’ webinar will be an insightful session for all operators wanting to learn more about the latest technology available for urban fleets.

It takes place at 2pm on Wednesday 14 July. Register for your free place today.