Operators can now calculate the cost of mixing HVO fuel with traditional diesel after Certas Energy created the industry’s first fleet balancing calculator.

HVO is more expensive per litre than conventional diesel, making it more practical for some operators to blend HVO with diesel, or only to use the fuel in some situations.

The automated HVO fleet balancing calculator from Certas provides the average fuel cost when including HVO as part of the fuel mix, helping operators make decisions about how and when to drop in the renewable alternative diesel.

Reece Hampton, Certas national sales manager, said, “Trucks makes up a large proportion of road users, which means the sector can be a powerful force for good when it comes to reducing emissions. If all fleet operators committed to making one small change, it would have a big impact.

“HVO is an obvious choice when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, but many operators are put off by the cost which at first glance can appear much higher.

“The reality is, if you use a blend, or only use HVO in some vehicles, the cost difference can be negligible, but still make a vital difference to decarbonisation.

He added: “Whether operators are planning a full or partial switch to HVO, we can help them find out how much it is going to cost and what is feasible for their business.

“Our calculator is the first tool able to automatically work out these figures so we can help more businesses decarbonise in a realistic way.”

The free calculator is available here.