The FairFuelUK (FFUK) campaign has suggested that leaving the EU could help the UK solve its HGV driver shortage.

Speaking after 52% of the British public voted in favour of Brexit, FFUK co-founder Howard Cox said that while the result was unlikely to lead to “a mass overhaul of our transport laws, a review of the dreaded European Union Directive CPC may help with those critical HGV driver shortages”.

Cox added: “The major trade bodies should be commercially creative with the new opportunities that taking control of the industry’s working environment will bring.

“The RHA and FTA should make immediate representations to the new Brexit Government administration to see how hauliers can benefit from the removal of those straightjacket restrictions without compromising safety.”

Earlier today the campaign raised concerns that major oil supplying countries could be planning to differentiate barrel prices for EU members and the UK.

Cox said: “Any knee jerk reprisal by penalising UK drivers with higher prices at the pumps through higher oil prices, is nothing short of opportunistic, vindictive and unnecessary.

“We are horror-struck that there is hear-say, no matter if it is just grapevine gossip, that global oil prices may now be manipulated by economic region.”