Hauliers driving around Felixstowe Port are to receive enhanced training aids after an “incorrectly parked” truck was crushed by a container in April, trapping the driver inside.

An investigation by port authorities has found that the lorry, which was crushed by a 40ft container lowered by crane onto the cab roof in April, should not have been parked at the spot and could not be seen by the crane operator.

The incident, which happened on 23 April, saw fire crews called to cut the driver free of the badly crushed cab. He was later discharged from hospital.

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A spokesman for the Port of Felixstowe said "the order in which cranes handle vehicles" had been changed to prevent any repetition adding that the report has been submitted to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

"The report found that the haulier was incorrectly parked and was not seen by the crane driver," the spokesman added.

"To avoid a repetition, the order has been changed, improved training aids are being provided for hauliers, and two new cameras are being installed which significantly improve the view for the crane driver. These measures have been agreed with the HSE."