FairFuelUK is calling on operators to lobby their MPs to attend a parliamentary inquiry that will look at alternative ways of reducing emissions without the need for ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ) and fuel taxes.

All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fair Fuel for UK Motorist and UK Hauliers, which is chaired by Kirstene Hair MP, will launch its inquiry next month.

It will consider evidence from suppliers of alternative low emission solutions, businesses in the fuel supply chain and local and central government organisations.

Hair said: “The inquiry will give stakeholders from across the energy industry a chance to offer their thoughts on possible options to improve air quality throughout the UK - while keeping costs to motorists and hauliers to a minimum.

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She added: “I am confident there are resolutions out there, as well as lessons to be learned from other countries, which do not add additional financial burden to the motorist.

"The easy option has been to simply tax drivers but that is not always the most effective method, nor does it help grow the economy. We need to get smarter when tackling pollution and this inquiry is a step in the right direction and aims to bring together these innovative proposals to present to government.”