Emmaus Bradford 1

Evri employees spent a day working with homelessness charity Emmaus this week, helping prepare the opening of a new site in Bradford for formerly homeless people.

The Evri team offered their time and support to help paint and decorate the new companion houses and they also made donations of toiletries and bedding which are used as part of Emmaus’ accommodation packages for new residents.

The charity provides people who have experienced homelessness with support, a home for as long as they need it and meaningful work and training in social enterprises.

Parcel courier Evri partnered with Emmaus in 2020 and since then it has raised over £127,000 fundraising and cash donations from the business.

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Evri continues to support the national charity through fundraising, discounted parcel sending and work experience.

Darrel Tinsley, CEO of Emmaus Bradford, said: “Evri’s time spent volunteering has not only helped to improve the physical environment of our community, but also helped to provide a sense of hope and belonging to those we serve.”

Evri business development manager Emma Brown said: “It was humbling and grounding to meet with the companions and hear their stories, I’m so glad that we could spend time helping to get the rooms ready for the companions and feel like we’ve made difference, no matter how small.”