Evri teamed up with charity Mencap to support people with learning disabilities find a role in transport – and it has now offered one work experience candidate a permanent role in its warehouse division.

The parcel delivery firm said it was so impressed by Tyrique – Ty – Shakes’ work ethic after a six-week placement that it offered him a job within its Birmingham-based team.

Mencap’s Supported Internship team worked with Evri to create a programme that provided individuals with opportunities to gain practical skills and build their confidence in a professional setting.

Shakes (pictured) received tailored support and the company said he quickly learnt skills such as problem-solving, time management and the importance of teamwork.

Mencap highlighted recent research showing 86% of unemployed people with a learning disability want a paid job and 23% identified inaccessible application forms as one of the things preventing them from getting work.

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Shakes said: “At first, I just wanted to work in a supermarket but the Mencap team helped me see the similarities between working in a supermarket and at Evri.

“I’ve really been welcomed into the Evri family, I’ve been able to showcase my talents and make new friends too, which has really boosted my confidence.”

Evri GM Vania Medes said: “It’s been lovely to see Ty embed himself as one of the team in a relatively short space of time. The process of working with Mencap has been a smooth one and it’s been a real partnership, looking at cases individually and making sure we’ve tailored the programme to their needs. Ty’s journey at Evri highlights the importance of inclusive hiring practices and the transformational impact that a supportive work environment can have on people.”

Evri said the success of its partnership with Mencap meant it was now looking to expand the ways it can create more people with a learning disability to gain employment: “The young people placed with Evri have received great support and have been able to progress into their first paid jobs - a massive achievement for any young person,” added Mencap head of development Mark Capper.