1810223 - Krone paints it black for events logistics specialist1

Events transport haulier FCL Event Logistics has purchased three Dry Liners from Krone, one with a specific paint job.

Martin Cowie, logistics manager at FCL, said: “We painted one of our tractor units in a very distinctive metallic black for a client.

“When the contract came to an end the truck still had relatively low mileage, so we wanted to keep it in the fleet but needed a trailer to match it. Krone came up with the goods, they colour matched the trailer to our truck.”

The Dry Liners it bought are based on Krone’s universal modular chassis, featuring an optimised welded assembly and robust bulkhead connection.

For increased stability in the event of collision damage, the chassis is equipped with a raised front rail as standard and the rear lights are mounted on the diagonally reinforced, ramp-compatible rear with protection.

FCL’s client base comes from sectors including telecommunications, broadcasting, sports and catering.