Dionne Redpath Chief Operatoing Officer at Europa Worldwide Group

Europa Worldwide Group has promoted sales director Dionne Redpath (pictured) to the newly created role of chief operating officer.

Redpath began her career in the steel industry in Sheffield as a transport buyer and joined Europa in her early twenties where she rose through the ranks to become sales director in 2013.

In her new role, Redpath will focus on bringing a consistency of approach across the whole of Europa’s six divisions – Europa Road, Europa Air and Sea, Europa Warehouse, Europa Showfreight, Europa Contact Centre and Continental Cargo Carriers.

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Andrew Baxter, chief executive officer at Europa Worldwide Group, said: “Having worked with Dionne at Europa and previously at RH Freight, she has great insight on how to translate our broader strategy into the more detailed reality on the ground. She understands how we operate inside and out and brings a wealth of enthusiasm, talent and real passion for logistics.”

Redpath added: “This is a really exciting position and I’m delighted to be working closely with Andrew to ensure every part of Europa is on track and delivering effectively for our customers.

“The global pandemic has highlighted and demonstrated the importance and value of logistics and the supply chain and I’m delighted to work in a business within this sector which also promotes equality.”