Europa Worldwide Group (EWG) said its profits had tripled to £10m last year and revenues had since risen to £316m in the 12 months to August 2022.

It said that despite a “tough economic climate”, Europa had shown resilience in the way it had invested resources into developing solutions to deal with the turbulence caused by Brexit and then the pandemic.

These included Europa Flow, managed by Europa Road, which tackles the new border regime by removing fee and paperwork barriers, and then reducing vulnerabilities exposed during Covid-19 by simplifying its own operating model and supporting customers to do the same.

Europa added that its 3pl Corby warehouse was a “shining example” of its strategy’s success.

Rob Jones, EWG finance director, said: “We’re delighted with our latest results, and would like to thank everyone at Europa for their immense contribution in delivering these.

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“The group has demonstrated flexibility in helping its teams and customers adapt to an evolving marketplace and sustain high levels of overall performance.

“2021 was a year of consolidation for Europa, as we built on our strengths and developed bold new plans to drive forward growth across all three divisions.”

Amid predictions of a worldwide economic slowdown, Europa said it was determined to weather the storm and that its financial outlook remained strong

EWG chief executive Andrew Baxter said: “Our open and transparent approach has been key in adapting and optimising supply chains to unlock growth potential along the way.

“Our 2021 financial results – the best ever in the firm’s history – are testament to this, and the immense efforts we invested in Brexit, and preparedness to keep our customers’ freight moving despite the ongoing Covid challenges.”