Europa Road is celebrating its first anniversary in Dublin when it opened the doors to its first sales branch in the country.

Ireland is currently the UK’s sixth largest trading partner, accounting for 5% of total trade. Europa Road set up an eight-person team in Dublin to capitalise on the opportunities following Brexit and provide sales and customer service support for local businesses.

It said that in 12 months the customer base had grown from a standing start and the team was helping Irish exporters achieve frictionless movement of goods.

Jamie Hedgecox, Europa Road regional manager said: “It’s been a challenging few years for Irish and British businesses wanting to export to the EU and who have had to navigate the additional administration and border controls in place post-Brexit.

“As a result, many were choosing to move their goods direct from Ireland to ports in the EU, as opposed to using the land bridge, which was causing longer transit times and significant delays to deliveries.

“To provide a better infrastructure for exporters in the Republic, Europa set up its Dublin office. The branch complements Europa’s Belfast branch, established in 2018 to show that despite challenges, goods could still be efficiently moved between the UK, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the rest of the EU.”

Adrian Redmile, branch and sales director at Europa Worldwide Group, added: “Europa Road’s mantra has always been centred around adapting to market changes quickly to provide the best support for our customers.

“We are the only logistics provider in Ireland operating with a money back guarantee on road consignments, meaning we are ideally and uniquely placed to ensure the continued international flow of goods for our Irish customers – as well as UK and European customers importing into Ireland.”