City of Edinburgh Council is fitting new vulnerable road user protection technology across its 40-plus fleet of waste and recycling trucks to boost cyclist safety.

Following successful trials over the past 12 months, the Scottish council has decided to fit Cyclear and 360-degree CCTV hard disk recording equipment to its vehicles.

Cyclear, made by British manufacturer Innovative Safety Systems, helps to protect vulnerable road users by detecting passing cyclists and audibly alerting the driver.

The system alerts drivers to the presence of cyclists when the left indicator is activated. An audible speaker also sounds to let cyclists and vulnerable road users know when the vehicle is turning left.

This is coupled with an intelligent sensor arrangement that detects cyclists and alerts drivers if they are being undertaken and the indicator is not in operation.

The RX3 hard disk recording system can accommodate up to 16 cameras and two audio inputs.

Councillor Lesley Hinds, transport and environment convener, City of Edinburgh Council, said: “This equipment has been well received by drivers and crews and is performing well. Not only does the camera recording system assist with safety, it helps us to investigate any claims made against the council and prevent or detect crime.

“We now hope to fit the same systems to all HGVs across the council over the coming years.”

Keith Boyfield, sales manager at Innovative Safety Systems, added: “We are delighted that Edinburgh has adopted our equipment and that both crew and management are pleased.  Drivers are reassured by the equipment and are already reporting that fewer cyclists are travelling down the left hand side of vehicles since it has been installed.”

Pictured: Mark Symonds, road safety officer, Edinburgh City Council with Keith Martin, operations manager, Edinburgh City Council