Cannabis packages LR

Parcels firm UPS has said it can not comment further on an investigation into the discovery of more than £1.6m worth of cannabis (pictured), amphetamines and ecstasy at a parcels depot in Tamworth in December.

Border Force officers discovered the drugs in 18 separate parcels during a search on 21 and 22 December. An investigation was subsequently begun by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

A Border Force spokeswoman told she could not say how the search had come about but confirmed it was a UPS site.

A UPS spokesman told “UPS works very closely with UK and global customs agencies as well as international authorities to ensure imports into the UK are correctly screened.

"We regret we are unable to provide details on particular investigations as it is company policy not to elaborate on specific security measures.”

The NCA has not yet confirmed whether any arrests have been made in relation to the find or where it believes the drugs originated.