The RHA and FTA have welcomed a consultation into exempting mechanics that drive goods vehicles to test centres from the scope of the Driver CPC.

The DSA launched the consultation after the associations wrote to roads minister Stephen Hammond, expressing concerns that the estimated 30,000 technicians nationwide would not be able to complete the training before the 2014 deadline.

RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning said: “In our view, the intention of the EU Legislation has always been that it applies to drivers who are directly and substantially involved in the delivery of goods and that was reinforced by specific exemptions for some categories of drivers.

"Applying the legislation where it was clearly not intended, would make no sense and we are delighted that the Minister has accepted our arguments.”

FTA chief executive Theo de Pencier said: “We will be offering all the support we can to ensure that this issue can be resolved fully in advance of the deadline for DCPC.”

The consultation closes on 28 June and seeks the industry’s opinions on amending the guidelines to exempt mechanics that are driving unloaded vehicles to a test centre up to 50km away, providing driving is not their main responsibility.