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Hauliers have six weeks to make their views known to Sheffield City Council on its plans to introduce a charging clean air zone (CAZ), which will see non Euro-6 HGVs paying a £50 daily charge to enter the city centre but cars going free.

The proposed CAZ, set to be launched in early 2021, covers the inner ring road as well as the city centre and includes Park Square (Park Square Bridge pictured) and the A61/Parkway junction.

Under the proposals a £50 a day charge will be applied to non-Euro 6 trucks, coaches and buses and a £10 charge levied on LGVs and taxis that do not meet the CAZ standards.

Private cars will be exempt from any charges.

The council is also seeking £50m of government funding to help drivers upgrade their vehicles and says it wants to work with taxi and van drivers, as well as every other fleet affected.

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The RHA has urged hauliers to respond to the consultation which will close on 25 August.

Rod McKenzie, MD of policy and public affairs, said: “This is bad news for Sheffield’s businesses. We’ve always argued for better phasing of clean air zones which would allow operators to trade in older models over time.

“But charging firms £50 a day from 2021 risks driving up costs and forcing other operators not to deliver to Sheffield.”

In a statement the council said: “We are not currently planning to charge private cars for entering the city centre. Private cars make up 80% of road traffic, but only contribute 50% of the pollution.

“Buses, HGVs and taxis are responsible for half of our air pollution but only make up 20% of traffic and, by focusing on them, we can reduce air pollution as quickly as possible.”

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