A new supplier of AdBlue is entering the UK, aiming to take 10% of the market and challenge the dominance of the current leaders Yara and GreenChem.

Top!Blue is part owned by Chinese petrochem giant Sinopec and will be blending AdBlue at six initial locations around the UK using urea imported by sea container from China. While the company is not promising to undercut its rivals on price it plans some innovative dispensing hardware and commercial arrangements that it claims will benefit large fleets running over 100 trucks.

Top!Blue’s executive chairman is Antonio de Bruijn (pictured), who helped set up GreenChem and first introduced AdBlue to the UK. He said Top!Blue would be more customer focused than either of the current dominant suppliers and that the AdBlue market was expected to grow rapidly in the next decade. Currently 55% of trucks on the road use AdBlue but this will rise as all Euro-6 truck use the additive, as will all new diesel cars and vans.

Top!Blue MD David Ansorena said: “Many may wonder why we are entering what seems to be a saturated market for AdBlue in the UK truck fleet market but it has strong attraction for us. We know we can deliver excellent value thanks to being vertically integrated and offer an enhanced logistics chain through having the most efficient supply set up in the UK market. The timing of our entry appears to be right as market volume for AdBlue is expected to triple in the next decade and customers deserve further reliable supply choices.”

Ansorena added that the assurance of the highest product quality was another selling point for Top!Blue, as some operators had experienced expensive exhaust damage due to contaminated additives.

“All of our UK blending facilities are ISO9001 accredited and will manufacture AdBlue according to strict quality control procedures. The manufacture of AdBlue with high quality raw materials and to the highest quality standards are synonymous with Top!Blue,” he said.