Canute's Cycle Safety Scheme at Manton Wood

Canute has launched a new cycle safety scheme in conjunction with its supply chain client Wilko’s.

The scheme involves training drivers to improve their awareness of cyclists, particularly in urban environments, and ensure they are equipped to take all available precautions to avoid collisions with vulnerable road users.

The training involves drivers pulling into a designated on-site area with strategically placed bicycles before leaving the yard for delivery. The driver must check that the bikes are all visible in the vehicle’s mirrors, which they should be if positioned correctly.

Canute initially trialled the Cycle Awareness Scheme at its Nottingham depot, and will now implement it at its Magor, South Wales depot. The sites service towns and cities across the UK.

Jim Ridley, general manager of transport operations on Canute’s Wilko’s contract, came up with the idea for the scheme. He said that while the focus of cycle safety tends to rest on London, it should be seen as a country-wide concern.

“Cyclists are prevalent everywhere and as such, the same considerations should be applied on every public highway – so myself and the wider team at Canute were keen to contribute by ensuring our drivers have all the training and support they need to help keep roads safer for cyclists,” he said.

Ridley added that the scheme had been well-received by the Canute drivers: “The feedback we’ve had from our drivers has been great; they’ve all taken an active interest and have been keen to get involved.”