The Department of Transport is calling on operators and HGV drivers to take part in a survey which aims to establish what kind of infrastructure network is needed in the UK to fuel zero emission HGVs.

The findings will also be used to assess how the government can help speed up the industry roll out of zero emission HGVs.

Dubbed the HGV Infrastructure Survey, it is targeted specifically at HGV operators and HGV drivers.

Launching the survey, the DfT said it is “looking to understand HGV movements in the UK to help build a picture of national infrastructure requirements for zero emission HGVs".

It added: “To aid the rollout of zero emission HGVs, it’s important to understand details about HGV drivers’ driving patterns, including daily driving distances, behaviours around rest and sleep breaks, and what vehicles they typically drive for which routes.

“Completing this survey will help DfT to understand the infrastructure needs for zero emission HGVs and how to support the rapid rollout of new vehicles.”

A link to the DfT HGV survey can be found on the Freight Portal website and all responses will remain anonymous.