A hydrogen fuel cell development facility has opened in Crawley, West Sussex with a promise of playing a crucial role in the country’s transition towards cleaner power.

Known as Atrium Court, the multi-million pound, 34,000sq ft site is more than three times the size of Bramble Energy’s previous premises and will accommodate its growing workforce, which has increased tenfold from eight staff in 2020 to over 80 today.

At its heart lies the Hydrogen Innovation Hub, a research, development and testing facility dedicated to hydrogen fuel cells, electrolysers and sensors.

Bramble Energy said the facility can support every element of its technology development and scale it up.

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Concepts can be taken from the R&D phase all the way up to production-ready technology, and it can test fuel cells producing single digit Watts up to multi kW sizes required to service the heaviest of mobility industries.

Dr Tom Mason, Bramble Energy co-founder and chief executive, said: “Our success and growth has been phenomenal in a very short amount of time, which is in no small part down to our technology but also the support we have received and having a talented and dedicated team.

“Our world-leading Hydrogen Innovation Hub at Atrium Court will significantly contribute to levelling up the UK’s hydrogen and fuel cell testing capability.”

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