260123 - Boat haulier, A S Taylor takes the cash flow fast lane with a new TMS 2

Independent haulier AS Taylor Transport is improving cash flow after switching to a new transport management system (TMS)

The company, which is based near Burton-on-Trent, specialises in long and wide loads for boat transport and general haulage and offers workshop services to other HGV operators.

AS Taylor has recently upgraded its TMS from the Stirling system which it had used for decades to the cloud Mandata GoPlus with integrated apps in a bid to future-proof the business.

Mandata GoPlus is a TMS designed for hauliers requiring more advanced system integrations. It offers job creation and planning and streamlines the POD and invoicing process, which enables logistics firms to speed up cash flow.

The system automatically sends electronic proof of delivery to customers when a job is completed, keeping them informed.

In addition, GoPlus integrates with all Mandata enhancement apps, customer portal and major pallet network systems, including Stirling Warehouse and Stirling Accounts, providing greater visibility, and reducing duplication.

Emma Tideswell, AS Taylor director of transport operations, said: “Stirling is the only TMS we’ve ever used and it has served our business very well. However, with Mandata GoPlus we get additional functionality that is very useful to us.

“The invoicing system is excellent and it integrates well with Stirling Accounts; we’re able to easily transfer information between the two, which saves us time.

“With GoPlus, invoicing is a much quicker process and the customer gets the invoice and other documentation together, in one email. This also means that invoice queries from clients are swiftly resolved.

“Obviously, most of our customers are on payment terms so you don’t see an immediate uplift in cash flow, but it does improve over time. Every month end you get the expected amount paid in, when you’d expect it, because any disputes or queries are dealt with earlier on.”

AS Taylor is also implementing Mandata’s Manifests and Navigation apps for electronic proof of delivery and ETAs.

Tideswell said: “For some clients ePOD is a must and for others it enhances their customer service, so we are in the process of rolling this out.

“We also very much like the fact that GoPlus is cloud-based, as working from home is increasingly important, so it gives us that extra flexibility.”

In addition to improving cash flow and visibility across the operation, AS Taylor said that GoPlus now enables the firm to manage everything from job creation and planning to job execution, proof of delivery and invoicing – all in one place.