Tevva Motors to show benefits of range-extended electric trucks at Freight in the City Expo

Tevva Motors will head to Freight in the City Expo next week to demonstrate how its range-extended 7.5-tonne to 14-tonne trucks offer a viable alternative to OEM electric offerings.

The Chelmsford, Essex-based technology firm wants to set itself apart from the pure electric battery-powered trucks emerging from mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturers.

It claims its range-extended technology offers operators a range of benefits over pure electric trucks, which need to accommodate a larger battery than its own. These include additional payload, reduced costs, elimination of range anxiety and avoidance of costly recharging infrastructure at depots.

Tevva’s range extender comprises a small, fully autonomous on-board generator that can be used to recharge the vehicle’s battery while in use.

It requires no input from the driver and uses an algorithm to predict the vehicle's daily energy requirements based on GPS route data and weight carried to maximise best use of battery power.

Geofencing technology enables operators to ensure the truck only uses the internal combustion-powered generator while out of urban areas, switching to zero-emission, battery-only mode in town.

A full repair and maintenance leasing contract is available on Tevva’s range, which the company said enables operators to make the switch to zero-emission trucks immediately with no upfront costs.

“It has long been assumed that moving to a zero-emission commercial vehicle option will mean an increase in operating cost and a reduction in operational flexibility," said Tevva Motors sales and marketing director David Thackray.

"Furthermore, it has been assumed that electric trucks are suitable only for short routes.

"But we have turned all that on its head. Tevva’s trucks will put cash in an operator’s pocket from month one, they have no range limitation at all and they save progressively larger amounts of money as increase their daily mileage.”

  • Freight in the City Expo takes place on 6 November at London’s Alexandra Palace. It features a full-day’s seminar programme tackling key urban logistics topics and a vast exhibition of the latest trucks, vans and technology for delivering into towns and cities. Book your free place today!
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