As Motortransport.co.uk celebrates its first birthday, we have enhanced and improved the site, bringing you additional content that you can only read online.

To ensure we continue to provide you with the most relevant news and content to help you and your organisation stay on top of developments in the road transport industry, we have introduced a registration wall to the site from today (Friday 2 February).

Don’t panic, everything remains free to view, you just need to become a registered user to access the content in full. This will enable us to gain a clearer picture of who our online audience is and what they want to read..

Registration only takes two minutes, and once you have signed up, you are free to browse and access everything on Motortransport.co.uk.

From today, we have introduced several new areas to the site. Under the Knowledge Bank, users can access the Best Practice Zone, where you can learn from other operators’ successes (and avoid the pitfalls they may have stumbled into on the way).

The Hub is our new business blog where Motor Transport’s journalists will bring you the nitty gritty behind the industry’s top news stories.

Legal Alert will bring you up to speed with how new and revised legislation will impact your business, while the MT Tracker will show you how the industry’s publicly listed operators are performing, as well as key data that’s relevant to the operation of your business.

We will still be bringing you the best, breaking news in the road transport industry every day of the week, but only registered users can read Motor Transport’s news stories in full. Non-registered users will only be able to see the headline and first paragraph.

“Readers of Motor Transport have always had to register to receive a free copy of the magazine and we hope our online audience will see the benefit of becoming a registered member of our website,” said Motor Transport editor Steve Hobson. “By knowing who our online users are, we can understand exactly what content is relevant and create a stronger offering of news, features, analysis and data.”