Bibby Branston pickle

Bibby Distribution has renewed its storage and distribution contract with Branston Pickle manufacturer Mizkan Euro.

Originally signed in 2013, the contract sees Bibby store and transport 12,000 pallets - or two million jars - of the manufacturer’s products a month, from its flagship Max Park facility in Corby to retailers and outlets across the UK.

The operation is predominantly a day one to day three service, and ties into Bibby’s shared user operation, meaning multiple manufacturers’ products are consolidated into a single load.

Bibby said it plans to improve its service offering with Mizkan, and plans to implement electric tracking on pallets for better operational visibility.

Seb Jackson, customer logistics manager at Mizkan Euro, said: “Bibby’s flexibility and commitment to working collaboratively made the contract renewal an easy decision.

“Mizkan and Bibby are both family-owned businesses, each with more than 200 years’ heritage. I’m confident that together we can find new solutions to surpass the expectations of our customers and support each other’s growth whilst doing so.”