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Meachers Global Logistics said one of its drivers could have been killed after youths threw rocks at its lorry from a bridge over the M271 in Hampshire.

Dashcam footage showed the missile smashing the windscreen of the artic inches from the shocked driver’s face during the incident earlier this month.

The HGV driver pulled over before the Redbridge roundabout in front of another lorry that had also been struck by a brick.

Bob Terris, Meachers chairman, said: “It hit the front and so obviously the risk was the shards of glass may have gone towards him, which obviously he would have ducked or whatever and taken his eye off the road and it could have been fatal.”

Lee Whitbread, a councillor for Redbridge Ward in Hampshire, said the bridge had been closed off following similar incidents some years ago: “It appears the fencing has been breached and youths have been able to access the bridge,” he said.

“I will be asking council staff to carry out repairs to secure the bridge and prevent access.

“This mindless behaviour could have killed somebody and those responsible need to be brought to book.”

Terris added: “This situation is not a new one.

“For many years now we have had incidents on motorways like the M3 for example, and someone was killed some time ago.

“It’s something that needs to be addressed; bridges should not be left open, they should be sealed off.

“I know it’s an expensive exercise, but lives are expensive as well.”