Two-person home delivery specialist ArrowXL has entered into a new contract with mattress and sleep accessory specialist OTTY Sleep to support its storage and delivery requirements for the next two years.

The business partnership will see ArrowXL provide a full-service supply chain solution, including warehousing and delivery for the mattresses, pillows and bed frames.

ArrowXL will support OTTY Sleep with the development of its range of delivery options allowing their customers to choose a nominated delivery date, including weekend and next day delivery.

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Michal Szlas, chief executive at OTTY Sleep said: “Because of their nationwide two-person delivery network ArrowXL can provide our customers with a prompt delivery service and the flexibility to choose a delivery date according to their preference. In addition, their systems and processes for stock management and warehousing exceed those of our previous provider, reducing potential stock management issues.

“So far, our experience with the Arrow team has been exceptional in terms of warehousing and delivery services. We're looking forward to implementing additional services on our website that will improve our customers’ experience, thanks to this partnership.”