Packfleet said it had become the first logistics firm operating an all-electric fleet to become B Corp certified.

The certification issued by B Lab is for businesses meeting high social and environmental standards and to achieve it Packfleet had to score 80 or above in a B Impact Assessment.

The courier already powers its fleet of all-electric vans with 100% renewable energy.

It uses smart proprietary routing software, known as Pathfinder, which allows couriers to pick up recyclable packaging from customers on their routes.

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Its fleet vehicles are wrapped in an aquamarine blue, reducing the impact of fading in the sun meaning less need to renew the wrap and a tree is planted for every parcel delivered.

Packfleet also said it does not rely on the gig economy and instead pays its fully employed drivers 30% higher than the industry average; they also receive benefits including enhanced paid parental leave.

Tristan Thomas, chief executive and co-founder of Packfleet said: “To be B Corp certified is a big deal for us and it’s so important to recognise and thank the customers and merchants that made it possible.

“We set out with a mission to make sure every single Packfleet delivery improves our planet and we’re achieving that.”