What is blockchain anyway?

March 1, 2018 Steve Hobson

So what is this blockchain and do I need to worry about it? According to the Transport Systems Catapult (TSC), the not-for-profit innovation hub in Milton Keynes, blockchain “is the distributed ledger technology (DLT) behind Bitcoin [with] the potential to revolutionise many areas of the digital world, including the intelligent mobility (IM) sphere. As a trusted, decentralised, distributed, pseudonymised database, there are many opportunities for blockchain to address challenges that, so far, have proved impossible to solve. From data privacy […]


Economic outlook cautiously optimistic for road transport in 2018

February 14, 2018 Motor Transport

While 2018 is unlikely to be all plane sailing for road transport, things are looking up says Cato Syverson, CEO of Creditsafe. Figures from our most recent Creditsafe Watchdog Report show that the UK economic picture is starting to look a little less sluggish. Across 12 business sectors that we track on a quarterly basis, we saw outputs on the rise, with increased UK business sales and debt levels at a record low. In part, this narrative holds true for […]

Industry News

VIEWPOINT: ‘Cyclist safety – difficult times ahead’

November 21, 2013 Motor Transport

by Jack Semple, RHA, director of policy Cycle safety concerns have come to the boil, as six cyclists were killed in London in just 12 days, four after colliding with HGVs.  Tragic, terrible incidents that are the result of problems for which there is no quick fix.   And as the RHA has sought to make clear, it is far from just being about trucks – it is about inadequate infrastructure, a range of bad cyclist behaviour and a need for […]