Going straight to C+E HGV tests is not without risk

September 15, 2021 Admin Support

Whilst recognising the current driver shortage crisis, the government plans to change how drivers obtain an HGV licence comes with increased risk. The combining of category C and category C+E tests is likely to mean that prospective drivers have less time to develop their hazard perception skills and research has shown that drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes involving speed and manoeuvring due to poorer hazard perception and familiarity with the vehicle.


‘Road to zero’ can sometimes feel like the road to nowhere

August 4, 2021 Admin Support

The original UK government transport policy on emissions control published in 2018 was titled the ‘Road to zero’. In the aftermath of the ground-breaking Paris Agreement in 2015, a global plan to restrict air temperature rise to 1.5 deg was agreed by almost every nation in the world, and to meet this goal through the elimination of around 40 billion tonnes of CO2 emitted to the world’s atmosphere annually.


Hoyer is ready for future powered by green hydrogen

July 29, 2021 Admin Support

Green hydrogen is a key to many countries and continental communities achieving climate neutrality. The EU, the US, Canada, Argentina and Japan among others want to be climate-neutral by 2050, and China has set itself this aim by 2060. Global demand for hydrogen will rise significantly in the coming years and, as an international logistics specialist with over 40 years of experience in handling and transporting hydrogen, the Hoyer Group is equipped for this development.