Apprenticeships DO work for HGV driver training

November 30, 2020 Admin Support

Throughout this Covid-19 pandemic the logistics sector has demonstrated the valuable role it plays in enabling this country to function. But is has failed to address the long-term shortage of LGV drivers, estimated at around 50,000, which will have a serious impact on our economy.


Biomethane can cut carbon emissions from heavy trucks right now

November 23, 2020 Admin Support

HGVs are the most challenging road vehicles to transition to electric or hydrogen power, a practical and affordable solution is 20 to 30 years away. This is why major logistics companies across the UK are today switching away from diesel to biomethane gas as a transport fuel, which can be supplied as both gaseous and liquefied fuels.


How do you do home delivery of a washing machine in a Covid-19 world?

October 5, 2020 Admin Support

So, it is pretty well documented that those of us involved in e-commerce and home delivery have benefited from an increase in online shopping during this pandemic. As a result, despite the massive changes that we have had to implement to keep our people and customers safe, and the subsequent knock effect this has had on operating costs, at ArrowXL we are in good shape.