What can we learn from swine flu?

June 2, 2020 Admin Support

The coronavirus is not my first pandemic. Back in 2009 when I was working in depot operations, I remember being briefed on a potentially dangerous virus called swine flu that was prevalent across the globe.


After the dark days, some semblance of normality returns

May 21, 2020 Admin Support

After the dark and uncertain days of late March, here at ArrowXL we have now settled down into a more stable rhythm. Our plan is to simply carry on doing what we are doing which means continuing our focus on employee and customer safety whilst delivering the items people want. It is clear that this virus will be dictating the way we live for some time yet and we must not get complacent.


Major changes for supply chains predicted post-Covid-19

May 5, 2020 Admin Support

The coronavirus pandemic will prove to be a defining moment for supply chains. CH Robinson supports some 119,000 customers globally through its multi-modal logistics platform, and we believe that recent events around the world will transform the logistics landscape, leading to significant technological investment, heightened risk management, new levels of supply chain visibility and a refocus on skills.


Home delivery staff are heroes too

April 16, 2020 Admin Support

From the outset of this pandemic the government made it clear that home delivery was vital to the fight against COVID-19 and that company’s like ours were doing essential work. It made sense – home delivery enables people to get the items they need while self-isolating or following the government’s guidelines to stay at home.


OTC does work hard to comply with the Code but simpler guidance would be welcome

March 20, 2020 Admin Support

We are well aware of the distinction between the Office of the Traffic Commissioner (OTC) and the DVSA. However, the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 and the relevant statutory instruments from which the Code derives, expressly relates to both institutions and, in the constraints of a short article, we have approached both in the way that we have to seek brevity.