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Alternative fuels

Retiming deliveries is key to keeping pace with London’s growth

April 29, 2015 Hayley Pink

Retiming deliveries outside of peak hours to cope with a “rapidly changing London” was tackled at a TfL conference this morning held in the capital. Operators, businesses and local authorities were brought together to discuss the practicalities of shifting deliveries outside of the peak hours of 0700-13.00 to cope with London’s burgeoning construction boom and TfL’s £4bn road modernisation scheme works taking place. TfL said that while not all businesses are able to retime, other options, such as rerouting or […]

Alternative fuels

Econic to be offered with 8-speed PowerShift for wider urban role

April 21, 2015 David Wilcox

Mercedes-Benz said its Econic municipal chassis is soon to be offered with an 8-speed PowerShift automated gearbox as an alternative to the current 6-speed Allison automatic box. This will provide further scope for the Econic to be used in a wider urban role – such as distribution, tipper and mixer duties and as a skip-handler – in addition to its primarily intended purpose as a refuse collection vehicle (RCV). Its low driving position and large glazed areas meet the demand […]

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Compliance & legislation

Operators split over Fors fees

February 18, 2015

Operators joining newly privatised Fors later this month will pay from £485 up to an eye-watering £11,250 in annual fees to be part of the benchmarking and safety initiative. The new pricing, which sees operators charged on the basis of fleet size and number of operating centres for the previously free service, takes the form of an annual subscription and separate audit fee. Existing Fors members (such as Cemex, pictured) will pay on renewal, and receive a sliding scale of […]

Air quality

DHL launches ‘city safe, city quiet’ gas-powered concept vehicle at Quiet Cities

November 25, 2014 Peter Steele

DHL has launched a compressed natural gas (CNG) concept truck, a Euro-6 two-axle rigid Scania P-280, at the inaugural Quiet Cities global summit in Twickenham today. The bespoke truck has been designed to be safe, clean and quiet. It runs on a blend of natural and bio-gas, with the capability to run either fuel independently. DHL said that by running a blend of gasses in the engine it will see a 68% reduction in particulate matter (PM) and a 39% […]