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Europe to see more electric vehicle recharging/refuelling points

April 28, 2014 Robin Meczes

The European Parliament has approved rules forcing the establishment of more electric vehicle recharging points and alternative fuel stations on the continent. In a vote on 15 April, it agreed to implement a new directive that will oblige member states to submit minimum proposed levels of refuelling and recharging stations, with EU-wide standards including the use of common plugs for electric vehicles and standardised refuelling equipment for hydrogen and natural gas. Under EC proposals, just under 800,000 publicly accessible electric […]

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Air quality

Infrastructure is key to low-carbon vehicles

March 10, 2014 George Barrow

Dual-fuel vehicle usage may increase following the DfT’s £11.5m funding, writes George Barrow The uptake of gas-powered trucks has increased, with several high-profile operators, including DHL, Howard Tenens and United Biscuits, adding dual-fuel vehicles to their fleets. Away from the large fleets, uptake has been slow, and that has largely been due to the scarcity of refuelling stations in the UK, where gas road fuels – CNG, LNG and biomethane – are in short supply at retail and wholesale levels. […]

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FTA fears Birmingham’s road transport strategy

November 18, 2013 Robin Meczes

The FTA has warned that a proposed low emission zone for Birmingham, along with a road user charging scheme, lorry restrictions and greater implementation of consolidation centres put forward by the city council, could have a damaging effect on freight deliveries in and around the city.

Quiet deliveries

DHL gives out-of-hours deliveries the thumbs up

July 22, 2013

DHL said it would jump at the chance to expand the amount of out-of-hours deliveries it makes in line with customer demand, but London’s councils need to support the move. In response to the launch of The Roads Task Force (RTF) report earlier this month, Hugh Basham, director of transport strategy at DHL Supply Chain, said if the vision put forward was realised it would help tackle congestion in the capital. “The Olympics demonstrated the ability for London’s network to […]

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Air quality report may spawn tighter engine emissions limits

February 7, 2013 Robin Meczes

The European Union may soon consider raising the bar on air quality requirements affecting diesel engines, after publication of a new report from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The report claims evidence of a link between fine particulate matter and a range of health issues including atherosclerosis, respiratory disease, diabetes and even cardiovascular problems.

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Felixstowe LEZ plans put on hold

January 16, 2013 Chris Tindall

Plans for a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) at Felixstowe port and fining the most polluting LGVs have been shelved after the air quality improved substantially. Lorries were calculated to be contributing more than a quarter of all NOx concentrations at a receptor site and prompted the local council to consider measures targeting them (MT 19 March 2012). However, Suffolk Coastal District Council said action taken by the port to reduce pollution emitted by its own handling equipment has reduced emissions […]

Quiet deliveries

Quiet kit innovations will aid night-time deliveries

October 15, 2012 Laura Hailstone

Operators could slash the noise generated by moving roll cages by almost half if they used rubber matting developed by Surrey firm Impactafloor. Demonstrated in the Noise Abatement Society’s (NAS) Quiet Delivery Depot at Commercial Motor Live earlier this month, the top 2mm layer of the Roll Cage Floor features hard mineral corundum, while the rest is made from used truck tyres. “Each square metre of matting (costing £100/m2) weighs 24kg and is anti-slip. Tests have shown a noise reduction […]