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Quiet deliveries

Route Monkey: Behavioural change required to maximise efficiencies

November 21, 2014 Christopher Walton

Effective planning, routeing and scheduling using the right technology is the key to unlocking the out-of-hours delivery window, according to Route Monkey. The Scottish company will be exhibiting its software at the first Quiet Cities global summit, focused on enabling quieter deliveries of freight in urban environments. It will also be bringing a BMW i3 to show how electric vehicles enable noise reduction for out-of-hours deliveries. Robin Haycock, non-executive director, responsible for the development of sustainable solutions at Route Monkey, […]

Quiet deliveries

Sainsbury’s logistics director to be keynote speaker at Quiet Cities

October 14, 2014 Christopher Walton

Richard Fleming, logistics director at Sainsbury’s has been confirmed as a keynote speaker at the Quiet Cities global summit next month. Fleming brings a wealth of experience to the event, heading up a logistics business of 16,000 staff that runs 1,042 tractor units; 342 rigids and 2,371 trailers out of 22 RDCs. The company has been at the forefront of the quiet deliveries revolution, working with the Noise Abatement Society, Freight Transport Association and Wandsworth Borough Council during a pioneering […]

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Viewpoint from DHL: Transport’s challenge

October 13, 2014 Tim Slater

Consumers and businesses take freight and transport for granted. It an essential part of daily life and keeps the country running, writes Tim Slater, MD of transport, DHL Supply Chain UK and Ireland While transport is ingrained in our routines – it would be fair to acknowledge that we are not yet close to a perfect system with a number of challenges still facing our industry on a daily basis. Congestion is a problem that every driver can relate to […]

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Hushing it up

September 29, 2014 louise cole

Out-of-hours deliveries were introduced for the London Olympics and, while not without challenges. were so successful that several firms have continued them. Louise Cole reports There are many reasons why urban deliveries should be conducted between late evening and early morning. Traffic levels are at their lowest, so the largest vehicles on the road can move without contributing to or being delayed by congestion. Some 80% of road fatalities in London are vulnerable road users, with cyclists the most affected […]

Quiet deliveries

Delivering in stealth

September 15, 2014 Steve Hobson

One of the biggest issues when making out of hours retail deliveries can be the rattle of roll cages as they are pushed to and from the vehicle.

Leading roll cage manufacturer K Hartwall plans to show a range of products at the Quiet Cities summit designed to minimise noise disruption when transporting goods to retail outlets, pubs, and restaurants… […]

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Working to keep the noise down

July 21, 2014 Christopher Walton

There have been several milestones in the evolution of logistics: privatisation; the curtainsider; containerisation; palletisation. Then there has been primary and secondary distribution and, more recently, multichannel distribution. Now the industry is on the cusp of the next step change. Out-of-hours deliveries need to become the norm in the very near future, and the evolution is under way. […]

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Quiet deliveries

Out-of-hours urban deliveries will be the focus of summit

July 7, 2014 Laura Hailstone

MT has partnered with TfL and DHL to launch a global summit to enable quieter deliveries of freight in urban environments. Quiet Cities will take place on 25 and 26 November 2014 at Twickenham Stadium. The two-day event will feature a full conference programme, a networking dinner, exhibition, and live demonstrations of the latest quiet logistics equipment. TfL will share London’s best practice on retiming deliveries and showcase its work on facilitating out-of-hours deliveries, while representatives of overseas cities will […]