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Sponsored: Volvo Trucks – ‘Sustainability will be won or lost in cities’

December 12, 2018 Motor Transport

Cities play a critical role in both causing and potentially solving many of today’s sustainability challenges, says Professor Xuemei Bai, a leading expert and thought leader on urbanisation and sustainability and the latest recipient of the 2018 Volvo Environment Prize for her work in creating new cities and transforming existing cities to be sustainable and liveable.

Urban Distribution

Sponsored: Volvo Trucks – air quality under the urban microscope

November 28, 2018 Motor Transport

There can be no mistaking that the brand and reputation of diesel as a fuel for commercial vehicles has been damaged in recent years. Indeed, one effect of the 2015 ‘Dieselgate’ scandal has been to shine a light not just on diesel cars, but on all diesel-powered vehicles and the significant part played by their oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions in affecting urban air quality.