Alternative fuels

Hydrogen will play a key role in decarbonising road transport

January 4, 2020 Steve Hobson

Sheffield-based ITM Power is the leading manufacturer of electrolysis plant to make hydrogen, so it is no surprise that its CEO Graham Cooley sees a big future in the use of hydrogen to power heavy trucks. ITM Power is the UK lead in H2ME, a €170m collaborative project involving 43 partners to develop fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies around Europe. In total, the project plans to open 49 hydrogen filling stations and put 1,400 hydrogen fuel cell cars and […]


FTA: ‘Bigger disruptors than Brexit are coming and you need to be ready…’

October 23, 2019 Tim Wallace

It’s fair to say FTA chief executive David Wells has got plenty on his plate right now. Not only is the logistics industry stuck squarely in the middle of Brexit, but a range of what he calls “other big disruptors” are making these increasingly challenging times for his members. However, as we sit down to talk, he quickly rejects the suggestion that the job he took on back in 2015 has turned into a bit of a headache. “It’s exciting,” […]