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Operators invited to submit evidence for Vosa inquiry

November 5, 2012

Operators have been invited to supply evidence to support an inquiry by the Transport Committee into the work of Vosa. Issues to be covered by the select committee include: what can be done to improve the standards of foreign-registered trucks operating in the UK; how the agency can better support the traffic commissioners; if arrangements for vehicle test sites can be improved; and implementation of the HGV Road User Levy Bill. The Committee, which last looked at Vosa in 2009, […]

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Government urged to ringfence cash from HGV road user levy

November 5, 2012 Robin Meczes

Pressure is mounting on the DfT and Treasury to ringfence the money raised by the HGV Road User Levy for the benefit of the road transport sector. The levy, which could begin in April 2014 if approved by Parliament, and will see operations pay a daily charge of up to a £10 or a maximum of £1,000 a year per truck to use of UK roads, is expected to raise net revenues of £20m. Almost all of this will be […]

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FairFuelUK gets duty rise message across to Treasury officials

October 30, 2012 Laura Hailstone

Treasury minister Danny Alexander has pledged to review FairFuelUK’s (FFUK) economic report, which shows that the planned 3ppl duty rise in January will result in 35,000 job losses and reduce GDP growth by 0.1%. During a landmark meeting yesterday (29 October) with FFUK and its major backers the FTA and RHA, the chief secretary to the Treasury made a firm commitment to look closely at the Impact of fuel duty on the macro-economy report, produced by the National Institute for […]

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Raising fuel duty will destroy jobs and hinder economic growth

October 29, 2012 Laura Hailstone

The government’s planned 3ppl fuel duty rise scheduled for January will result in 35,000 job losses and reduce GDP growth by 0.1%, FairFuelUK (FFUK) told the Treasury today (29 October). A detailed report produced for FFUK by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) reveals that as a result of these lost jobs and damage to growth, the planned fuel duty hike would only bring in half the expected extra tax revenue – £800m instead of £1.5bn. However, […]

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Vosa clamping down on illegal drivers without Initial Driver CPC

October 29, 2012 Steve Hobson

Vosa is cracking down on LGV drivers who took their test after September 2009 and are driving illegally because they have not acquired their Initial Driver CPC. Drivers who acquired their LGV licence before September 2009 have until September 2014 to get their Driver CPC, by completing 35 hours of periodic training. Most professional drivers who have taken their first LGV test since September 2009 are required to pass all four modules of the test, and so obtain their Driver […]

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Reborn Truckpol gaining momentum but questions remain

October 29, 2012 Robin Meczes

The reborn TruckPol intelligence service is gaining momentum and financial backing, according to National Business Crime Forum (NBCF) vice-chairwoman Jean Mountain. Mountain, who chaired a second meeting of the forum, which has resurrected TruckPol, told MT the Business Crime Intelligence Bureau, which works alongside the NBCF, had begun feeding information about freight crime through to the RHA as planned. The NBCF itself, meanwhile, is due to lobby MPs at the House of Commons on 22 November. The forum has attracted […]

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FairFuelUK prepares for face-to-face with the Treasury

October 25, 2012 Laura Hailstone

FairFuelUK (FFUK) has secured a meeting with chief secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, on Monday (29 October) to discuss the 3ppl duty rise planned for January. The meeting will include senior Treasury officials and RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning, and will focus on the findings of economic research funded by the RHA on behalf of FFUK. “Carried out by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, the modelling shows how fuel duty impacts on growth and employment in […]

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News Extra: Demise of the backload?

October 24, 2012 Robin Meczes

Backload rates are so bad that some operators are wondering if they’re worth taking. Is the era of backloads coming to an end? It certainly sounds like it for some operators, judging by comments MT has heard recently. The issue, of course, is that the rates being handed out for many backloads simply aren’t high enough for the job to be worth taking. It’s a long-standing problem voiced most recently by Matthew Kibble, MD of Lancashire-based Matthew Kibble Transport, who […]

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Lorry road user charge details revealed

October 23, 2012 Laura Hailstone

The lorry road user charge is moving closer to fruition, with transport minister Stephen Hammond scheduled to set out the details of the government’s proposed HGV Road User Levy Bill this afternoon (23 October) in a parliamentary debate. Hammond is using a ‘ways and means’ motion to get the bill heard in the House of Commons and a second reading is expected in a fortnight’s time. The debate today coincides with the publication of the findings of the Department for […]

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“No criminal activity” at Driver CPC centre

October 22, 2012 Steve Hobson

After a five-month investigation, the DSA has found “no evidence of criminal activity” after a JAUPT-approved Driver CPC course that lasted less than five hours was logged as seven hours on the DSA database. An undercover reporter working for MT attended the £40 course in Sittingbourne, Kent, in January 2012. After the course finished two hours early, the reporter made a formal complaint to accreditation body JAUPT and was interviewed by a DSA fraud investigation team in May. Since then, […]