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MT Tracker 27 March

March 27, 2013 Peter Steele

Plenty more profit raking this week as transport shares took a tumble, but one faller stood out more than most: Wincanton – which has suffered a pretty dramatic fall in the past two months.

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MT Tracker 20 March

March 20, 2013 Peter Steele

City Link failed to turn a profit on Friday posting a pre-tax loss of £26.4m while turnover for the year was up 4.8% to £321.7m. Rentokil was disappointed and said the “financial performance in the year was behind our initial expectations”.

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MT Tracker 14 March

March 14, 2013 Peter Steele

A very quiet week on the Stock Exchange for transport-related shares – ahead of City Link’s numbers tomorrow (15 March). All eyes will be on Rentokil’s parcels arm to see if it posts a full-year profit. But it hasn’t stopped a rather telling trend in the past week…

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MT Tracker 6 March

March 6, 2013 Peter Steele

Following the themes of recent weeks the big winner in the Motor Transport tracker is Hargreaves Group – even if the performance of its transport group is slightly off target.

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MT Tracker 27 February

February 28, 2013 Peter Steele

Are there signs of recovery? Well, if the MT basket of transport shares is anything to go by there has been a little bit of growth in the past month. But this doesn’t tell the full story for all of our big eight transport firms listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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MT Tracker 20 February

February 20, 2013 Peter Steele

Looking at this week’s share prices it is easy to pick out Hargreaves as the best performing company in road transport. And you wouldn’t be far wrong, if you’re measuring it over the past four weeks. The upturn is pretty stark. But it doesn’t tell the whole story…

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MT Tracker 13 February

February 13, 2013 Peter Steele

A quiet week for share trading in listed transport firms – but it didn’t stop an upswing in the combined share-price, with a total basket worth £16.37.4p. The swing comes predominantly from a rise in the price at Hargreaves Group, which will publish annual results on 28 February. But its profit might feel a sting after it said in in November there would be a 3% rise in pay for subcontractors – a hit of £750,000. When it comes to […]

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Introducing the Motor Transport Tracker

February 7, 2013 Peter Steele

Investors are buying shares in Fowler-Welch parent company DartGroup because of its holidays business and in City Link parent Rentokil Initial because of its multi-national pest control arm as much as the transport interests. […]