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MT Tracker – 21 August

August 21, 2013 Peter Steele

Shares in road transport businesses continue to trade at record highs for the calendar year, despite a relatively quiet August and an oh-so-slight dip in the value of the MT basket of shares.

MT Tracker

MT Tracker 7 August

August 7, 2013 Peter Steele

“We’re an all time high, we’ll change all that’s gone before, doin’ so much more….” This week the basket of shares in the MT Tracker hit it’s highest point since its inception. The basket now stands at 1,954.5p. Shares in Stobart Group are back in to triple figures for the first time since January; shares in Wincanton are at their highest level for the whole calendar year and shares in NWF Group and UK Mail are pretty much at the […]

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MT Tracker 31 July

July 31, 2013 Ashleigh Wight

After revealing its positive outlook for the rest of the current financial year last week, Wincanton’s continually increasing share price has hit its highest point since the MT Tracker began in January. The company updated investors that it had performed well in the first quarter of its current financial year, despite slipping container volume.

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MT Tracker 25 July

July 25, 2013 Ashleigh Wight

Last week, Dart Group revealed a near to 13% pre-tax profit rise for its transport operation, Fowler Welch. Off the back of this, which saw profit climb from £3.9m to £4.4m for the year ended 31 March 2013 at Fowler Welch, its group share price has continued to move northwards, today leaping to £2.40, up from £2.14 last week.

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MT Tracker 17 July

July 17, 2013 Peter Steele

The success story of the first half of the year, without doubt, is UK Mail. It simply, absolutely, will not stop, moving parcels with volumes up 25% in the first quarter year-on-year. If you had bought a share in the firm in January, it would have set you back 365p (giving the firm a market capitalisation of £199m). If you would buy one today it is 580p (giving UK Mail a market cap of £319m). That’s a share price rise […]

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MT Tracker 10 July

July 10, 2013 Ashleigh Wight

UK Mail’s share price continues to climb as does its turnover. The company said this week that it has seen year-on-year daily parcel volumes increase by 25% in the first quarter of this year, with Q1 turnover also up 6%.

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MT Tracker 3 July

July 4, 2013 Peter Steele

The MT Tracker would like to pretend that it has delayed its posting by a day because it was waiting for Norbert Dentressangle to list on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange in London today (currently its market capitalisation stands at €615m – or £526.4m) but unfortunately it was the MT Awards yesterday and time just ran away…

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MT Tracker 26 June

June 26, 2013 Peter Steele

Next month we should expect to see full financial year results from Fowler-Welch parent company Dart Group.  The only hint of the performance at Dart’s logistics arm came on 19 April when it said: “The business remains well placed for profitable growth.” Even the date in July of its full-year results remain as enigmatic as that statement… but there are some clues.

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MT Tracker 19 June

June 19, 2013 Peter Steele

When spoke to Wincanton chief executive Eric Born last week he claimed there was little he could do about the share price of the company. Sadly, this week has proven that statement to be true.