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MT Tracker – 8 January 2014

January 8, 2014 Peter Steele

The basket of MT shares has only drifted northwards by 7p in the past seven days. But growth at the rate of a penny a day is a fair old shift for a traditionally quiet time of year in the road transport industry, indicating that there is a lot of sentiment backing the success of Britain’s transport firms.

MT Tracker

MT Tracker 2013 – year in review

January 2, 2014 Peter Steele

2013 was a year of moves forward for every transport firm listed on the Stock Exchange. And while we lost CityLink (to a management buy-out), we gained Royal Mail – and a whole heap of market capitalisation. So without further ado – let’s find out who the big winners were!

MT Tracker

MT Tracker 7 November

November 7, 2013 Ashleigh Wight

Today Wincanton posted what its MD Eric Born (pictured) called a “boringly predictable” set of half year results, with a 1.6% decline in group turnover and a 2.6% increase in operating profit.

MT Tracker

MT Tracker – 23 October

October 23, 2013 Peter Steele

Last week the MT Tracker took a break – to compile the MT Top 100 – look out for it at the end of November. It’s no secret that our big six make the Top 100, but as for exactly where you’ll have to wait until 18 November. In the meantime, we welcome Royal Mail out of the clutches of the government and onto the Stock Exchange (and the MT Tracker) and we’ll take a look at its share price […]

MT Tracker

MT Tracker – 10 October

October 10, 2013 Peter Steele

The big event for the MT basket of transport shares – the MT Tracker – is that Royal Mail will be joining this watching brief from tomorrow. The BBC is already reporting this morning that shares will trade at the top of the price range (around 330p) giving it a value of £1.7bn.

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MT Tracker – 2 October

October 2, 2013 Peter Steele

Stobart Group kicked Monday off with a bang, winning a 15-year biomass contract with Western Bioenergy. But investors seem to have shrugged their shoulders at the news, which refused to budget the share price from 123p. Maybe we could find a bit more success elsewhere, as it has been a busy week for the MT Tracker sextet.

UK Pallets
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MT Tracker – 25 September

September 25, 2013 Peter Steele

Well you win some and you lose some. Trading in shares at UK Mail Group continues to be a profitable experience, but – despite a good performance in its transport division Hargreaves shares continue to splutter.

MT Tracker

MT Tracker – 18 September

September 18, 2013 Peter Steele

The MT basket of transport shares continues to have a little wobble in September, but it is worth keeping in mind just how much share values of transport firms have risen in the nine months of the year so far – pointing towards a more sustained recovery in the sector.

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MT Tracker 12 September

September 12, 2013 Ashleigh Wight

A lot has happened in the two weeks since the last MT Tracker, and today the government has revealed that it will begin selling shares in post and parcel operator Royal Mail within the next few weeks, adding another transport name to the companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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MT Tracker 28 August

August 28, 2013 Peter Steele

The promise of a solid first half in its financial year did little to improve investor confidence in Stobart Group – because investors were already ahead of the curve. On 17 April it was trading at a year low of 76.5pence per share. Today its at its year high of 109.5p – proving that investors have faith in the direction Andrew Tinkler is taking the company.