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News Extra: The quiet revolution

June 20, 2012 Patric Cunnane

Proposals from the European Commission would require manufacturers of LGVs and other vehicles to meet new decibel sound levels once these are agreed by MEPs. The regulation will also require that buyers are provided with sound levels at the time of purchase. “The provision of information to fleet managers may influence the transition to a quieter vehicle fleet,” says an EC spokesman. The proposal was recently discussed by the European Parliament’s Environment Committee.”There would be anew testing method for measuring […]

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News extra: Clarifying the rules on TUPE

May 9, 2012 Patric Cunnane

Most operators understand the principles of the TUPE. If a company buys another then it must take on its staff or pay redundancy at their existing terms and conditions if their services are not required. However, a case where 35 workers claimed they had been wrongly sacked by two operators has shown that the matter is less clear cut where a contract changes hands. The recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision in the case of Eddie Stobart Ltd v Moreman & […]