Air quality

Natural gas – the future of long distance haulage?

October 22, 2020 John Kendall

In my archive, I have a Commercial Motor road test cutting, unusually with an accompanying video, dated 15 December 1996. It is of a back-to-back road test of two identically laden ERF EC12s belonging to BOC Distribution, carried out by Toby Clark, then vehicles editor and me, then engineering editor.

Industry News

Industry debates post-Covid-19 future

October 2, 2020 John Kendall

How will transport and logistics look after Covid-19 has eventually receded? There is no shortage of companies who would like the answer to that question and visitors to the Commercial Motor Show conference gained some valuable insight in a special panel discussion.

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Drivers claim some firms still ban them from using their toilets

July 23, 2020 John Kendall

Victory! Back in 2017, after campaigning from the Unite union and Truckers’ Toilets UK, the HSE ruled thatemployers in control of non-domestic premises (i.e. places of work) were required to allow all visitors to their premises, who were not employed by them, access to their toilets and washing facilities.

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Are you breaking the law after Covid-19?

June 1, 2020 John Kendall

For hauliers who have been obliged to suspend or severely cut back on their operations because of the Covid-19 epidemic, a return to work probably cannot come soon enough. But as Jonathon Backhouse of Backhouse Jones solicitors told, operators need to be aware of possible pitfalls in resuming their operations.

Alternative fuels

Could this be the last mile solution of the future?

May 18, 2020 John Kendall

The need for reduced handling during the Covid-19 crisis at a time when fewer people have been in their places of work has also given some operations an opportunity to experiment with limited autonomous delivery projects, although not in the UK.