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Hydrogen lobby pumps up the volume

May 6, 2021 John Kendall

Two specific issues have been identified with hydrogen that the truck sector needs to deal with: firstly, the development and construction of efficient fuel cells. Then secondly, the distribution of hydrogen to ensure that trucks can be refuelled safely and quickly.

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Truck makers mull best ways to slash CO2 emissions under EU VECTO plan

March 25, 2021 John Kendall

As we know, the government plans to end the sale of petrol and diesel powered cars and vans by 2030. Provided the industry can produce enough electric vehicles by then, there seem to be few barriers to ensuring the date is met. It’s a different story where heavy trucks are concerned though and diesel powered vehicles are likely to still be keeping us supplied after 2030.

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Major barriers remain for SME hauliers looking to go green

March 24, 2021 John Kendall

The government’s announcement last week that it is cutting the grants for plug-in vehicles makes very little difference to HGV operators on the simple basis that only three commercial vehicles with GVWs above 3.5 tonnes are currently eligible for any kind of grant support. These are the BYD Auto eDucato 4.25-tonne GVW van, the FUSO eCanter and the Paneltex Z75. There is no grant funding under the scheme for trucks over 12 tonnes GVW anyway.

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Direct Vision Standard – a good idea at the worst possible time?

February 10, 2021 John Kendall

Have you met a professional driver who is not concerned about road safety? All of us who have driven a 16.5m or 18.75m long vehicle in city traffic are acutely aware of the additional hazards presented by pedestrians and cyclists around us, particularly in poor visibility. If the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) being introduced by Transport for London (TfL) on 1 March helps to remove some of the stress involved in city driving and reduces the number of people who […]

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Natural gas – the future of long distance haulage?

October 22, 2020 John Kendall

In my archive, I have a Commercial Motor road test cutting, unusually with an accompanying video, dated 15 December 1996. It is of a back-to-back road test of two identically laden ERF EC12s belonging to BOC Distribution, carried out by Toby Clark, then vehicles editor and me, then engineering editor.