Times aren’t as grim as you may think…

November 8, 2021 Admin Support

We all thought Black Friday 2020 was tough – well it has nothing on Black Friday 2021! After the toughest of 20 months and now ‘post pandemic’ (are we post pandemic or is it too early to say… Plan B and all that?) this year is tougher than any. Global shipping issues, labour shortages in all categories, capacity issues everywhere… it could be grim.


Unlock existing road freight capacity to alleviate driver shortage

November 4, 2021 Admin Support

Empty running has become an accepted problem in road transport, but with supply chains facing the dual pressures of a national driver shortage and the need to make drastic carbon reductions, it’s time to address the waste. Conservative estimates still suggest 20% of trucks are running empty, and this doesn’t take into consideration partial loads.


Should the Driver CPC be suspended? Or is there a better short-term solution?

October 18, 2021 Admin Support

The current shortage of HGV drivers has been attributed to various causes including Brexit, training and administration delays due to Covid, as well as the poor working conditions experienced by drivers when they are out on the road. All of these have contributed to an issue that has been building for a number of years. However, in my opinion, the introduction of the Driver CPC has also contributed considerably. It is a badly thought out, administratively complex requirement for employers […]

Industry News

Logistics UK to mark COP26 transport day with ‘Route to net zero’ webinar

October 14, 2021 Admin Support

Logistics UK is to host a webinar outlining its ‘Route to net zero’ on transport day at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) on November 10. LUK said “it is clear that the climate crisis is now one of the most pressing challenges facing the global community and the UK government and logistics industry must play their parts and take radical steps to protect the future of our planet”.