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Transfreight Automotive Logistics Europe in liquidation

August 27, 2019 Chris Tindall

Transfreight Automotive Logistics Europe (TALE) has entered liquidation after Yusen Logistics acquired the business and hived up its operational activities. TALE was bought by Yusen in 2017 as part of a strategy of continued growth. At the time, the company said the acquisition would “enhance Yusen’s existing automotive network capability by adding key network consolidation points in Western Europe, as well as multi-modal possibilities running between Northern and Southern Europe”. It added that in particular, the purchase boosted its footprint […]


Fit safety systems in the factory

August 24, 2019 Sponsored Support

As an operator it’s frustrating to purchase new trucks and still have to fit additional safety features, now often mandated to work in the city centre construction sector, which are not currently available to be installed or supported by the manufacturer.


Try innovating like Silicon Valley

August 23, 2019 jasmine Flintham

As the world’s leading technology centre, Silicon Valley is brimming with innovation – not just from a hardware or software point of view, but in terms of how it solves problems. One example of this is “design sprints”, a five-day process developed by former Google executive Jake Knapp, which sees team members come together to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas. At ArrowXL we use this model to improve our operations, most recently regarding reverse logistics. […]


Back to school to fill skills shortage

August 22, 2019 jasmine Flintham

At TWE Haulage we face the same driver recruitment and retention issues as everyone else. I’m a big believer in training and developing young talent and yet I’ve been frustrated for years with the sector’s apprenticeship offerings. So I decided to go back to the way we used to train – not just for a role but for an all-round employee. I decided to find a young, enthusiastic individual who was interested in the logistics sector. After months of searching […]