Air quality

BVRLA welcomes more accurate emissions testing on vans

May 29, 2015 Hayley Pink

An EC proposal for ‘real world’ air pollution tests for vans and cars was agreed last week by member states to provide a more accurate procedure for measuring vehicle emissions. New proposals will require vehicles to be tested on the road and in traffic, rather than in laboratory-like conditions as is currently the case, which should provide more precise NOx emissions data for diesel light-duty vehicles under Euro-6 air quality standards. EC and member states need to agree the limits […]

Air quality

Van carbon emissions decline ahead of EU targets

May 28, 2015 Hayley Pink

CO2 emissions from vans are continuing to decline ahead of EU targets, according to latest figures released by the European Environment Agency. Around 1.4 million new vans were registered in the EU last year, with average emissions of 169.2g of CO2/km. This represents a 2.4% drop on 2013’s emissions and is significantly below the EU’s target for 2017 of 175g CO2/km. The light commercial vehicle market is growing significantly each year, with registrations up by 18% last year across Europe, […]