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Time to be Exact about a Brexit from the EU

February 27, 2015 Peter Steele

This week think tank Open Europe launched its ‘Brexit Barometer’, predicting the likelihood of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union after the general election on 7 May. It’s currently estimating a 17% chance of severance.


Woodside turnover rises nearly 10%

February 27, 2015 Robin Meczes

County Antrim-based vehicle operator Woodside Haulage (Holdings) managed to boost turnover by nearly 10% in the year to the end of March 2014, its latest accounts have shown.


Chief executive Hervé Montjotin talks Norbert Dentressangle’s growth curve

February 26, 2015 Peter Steele

The acquisition of Christian Salvesen in 2007 was a watershed moment for Norbert Dentressangle. Not only did it nearly double its turnover over night (from €1.8bn in 2007 to €3.1bn in 2008) it was the catalyst for a major international acquisition spree that has seen it expand its interests into Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia and the USA. This boom also saw it buy TDG, and its annualised turnover of £700m.

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Clocs event showcases safer truck designs

February 26, 2015 Ashleigh Wight

Following the news that all HGVs without safety equipment are to be banned from operating in London from September, dozens of trucks with improved safety features have been unveiled at a Clocs demonstration event in London today.

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Video highlights last-mile delivery pilots across European cities

February 26, 2015 Hayley Pink

An EU-funded project exploring sustainable last-mile deliveries has launched a video to highlight a series of pilots taking place across cities in north-west Europe, including London. The LaMiLo scheme, comprising private logistics firms, local authorities and researchers, is aiming to demonstrate the economic, environmental and social benefits of consolidating deliveries and using more eco-friendly transport options for the final mile, such as electric vans or bicycles. Ian Short, chief executive at the Institute for Sustainability in the UK and LaMiLo […]