Michelin weathering the recessionary storm

May 31, 2013 Steve Hobson

It is now five years since the credit crunch plunged Europe into deep recession. MT editor Steve Hobson went to Michelin HQ in Clermont-Ferrand to find out how the super-premium tyre maker is weathering the storm.

Industry News

Senior TC Beverley Bell slams Vosa

May 31, 2013 Peter Steele

Senior Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell has lambasted Vosa for “not targeting the serially and seriously non-compliant”, and taking the easy route by going after “nice, but incompetent, small operators”.

The Hub

Travel the trans-European transport network

May 30, 2013

The Highways Agency, Transport for Scotland, Transport for London, councils, damn councils and the Welsh mob. One day soon – UKIP permitting – the arteries of the UK economy (SNP permitting), could be under the control of the rather grand sounding trans-European transport network, rather less grandly abbreviated as TEN-T.