Motor Transport Top 100 – 2016

Turnover Latest £278,494,705
Turnover Previous Year £274,605,577
Profit Latest £11,531,836
Profit Previous Year £11,277,324
Return on Sales 4.02%
Return on Sales Previous Year 3.17%

By almost every considerable measure the 100 largest road transport operators in the UK have had another successful year. Average turnover is up 1.4%; average pre-tax profit is up 2.25%; the average number of people employed is up 1%. It just goes to prove that road transport –based logistics is one of the engine-rooms of the British economy, responsible for £27.8bn of combined business and the employment of some 334,000 people.

Next year, however, the Motor Transport Top 100 will look considerably different. The impact of Brexit on the domestic, and international, economy is utterly unknown – with reports and predictions veering wildly from a country in denial ready to head off a cliff, to interpretations of key economic data showing that leaving the EU will not damage Britain. How that manifests itself will become slowly apparent in the 2017 Top 100, as the 2016 version of this list – thanks to the vagaries of accounting – is essentially a representation of economic activity in 2015.

Some 27 of the Top 100 reported year-on-year falls in turnover, while 38 reported year-on-year declines in pre-tax profit – these are proportionally slightly higher than in recent years, but not statistically robust enough to point to any lasting trend. There have been no major company failures in the Top 100 in the past 12 months, while the pre-pack administration at AM Widdowson in July means there is not sufficient enough data to include the latest incarnation of this list. […]